Ways to Wear a White T-Shirt

Ways to Wear a White T-Shirt

Basic T-shirts are an important part of a girl’s wardrobe! Sadly, these basic tees are often ignored by fashion lovers for being boring or sloppy. It is a such a staple and versatile piece of clothing that our wardrobe is incomplete without. It doesn’t make much of a statement on its own, but it can become anything you want depending on how you style it.

There are countless ways to transform versatile basic tees to make them an integral part of a wide variety of gorgeous looks. Little do you know; a simple outfit can be spiced up by a few simple accessories.

A basic white shirt, for e.g., can create a stunning outfit when you feel like you do not have any clothes to wear! There are so many tee styling options & different ways to wear a basic T-shirt. It really can go with nearly anything, and there are so many great, easy ways to style it. We've highlighted 10 stylish ways to wear your plain white T-shirt!

When planning an outfit, all you need is a little creativity, some good accessories and a lot of inspiration. For e.g., Shoes are magical and their magic does not disappoint when it comes to transforming the vibe of a look that includes a simple T-shirt. Wearing the right ones can instantly dress up your basic tee and prevent your outfit from looking lazy.

Go Classic with Wide Leg trousers or culottes

Throw on a fitted solid white T-shirt on a bright coloured or patterned wide trousers. Pair it up with a golden chain and a pair of minimalistic heels to create a classy and stylish casual-formal look. It’s still formal enough to be taken seriously, but casual enough to not make you look like you’re trying too hard.

Always remember that when you are dressing up with a white T-shirt, do not go too overboard. Stick to colours that will complement the white focal point of your outfit.

Add a colourful printed Scarf

Sometimes in order to create a gorgeous outfit that you’ve never worn before, a bit of inspiration is all you want. A bright coloured statement necklace or costume earrings will especially stand out against the white T-shirt. Pair a basic white tee with a pair of denim pants. Now coming to the main part of the outfit – the scarf. You can use the scarf in this outfit in two ways.

-You can wrap the scarf around your neck and wear a bright earing.

-You can wear a bright neckpiece and use the scarf as belt by tying it around your waist through the belt loops and knot it up into a bow on one side (make the bow big enough to emphasize the scarf)

What goes around, comes around. Styles that were trendy once are bound to be trendy again, and that’s exactly what has happened with many styles from the 1960s and 1970s.Add the final touch to this look with platforms. Take a trendy trip back to the twentieth century with platform shoes. This outfit creates a nostalgic yet trendy finish.

Wear it under a slip or cami dress or a jumpsuit

Solid tees work well as the foundation for your outfit. They’re comfortable, simple, and extremely versatile.

Do you have a spaghetti strap dress or a jumpsuit with a deep neckline? Just wear a half or 3/4th sleeve solid white T-shirt under it and voila! The trick is to find a tee fitted enough to lie flat under the dress and avoid extra bulk or bunching. Almost any sleeveless dress looks great as a jumper over the top of a classic tee. Cotton or Rayon tees with a spandex blend will be a perfect fit for this outfit.

Professionalize it with a blazer and a pair of denim

Believe it or not, you can even wear a basic tee to events that require being a little formal, like on a business trip or to a day at the office.

Professionalize a basic white T-shirt which is loose fitted. The neckline of the tee should be a scoop and not very high near the neck and tuck it into fitted dark jeans along with a nice belt. You can either cuff the hem of the jeans if it’s not very fitted or you can let it gather at the bottom.

If you are looking for a more edgy look with your white T-shirt, you could wear it under a sleek black or beige (any pastel shade will do) fitted blazer with gathered sleeves over the tee. The blazer has to be shawl collared to give this outfit a bit relaxed look. Accessorize yourself with a golden watch, and an oversized sunglass. Pair the outfit with black or beige pumps and you are ready to rock!

Style it with a midi A-line skirt

The A-line skirt, a 70’s favourite trend, has made a well-deserved comeback. Their skirts are perfect for a hot summer but also really easy to transition into fall or winter. In this outfit, we’ll pair the white tee with a printed A-line skirt.

A skirt and a tee? Yes, that’s the cool way to go out in the morning! For example, it can be a skirt with a contrast colour and polka dots or a floral printed skirt. You can also tie up the T-shirt in the front into a round knot by stretching it and then layer it over the midi skirt for a chic boho vibe. Pair it up with a black block heel to finish the look.

Throw on a plaid shirt and shorts

Simplicity is often key when it comes to trendy, everyday outfits. If you’re looking for something to wear on a day of errands or casual outings and for a more casual look, wear the white T-shirt with a pair of distressed denim shorts. You can tuck in an oversized tee or wear a fitted tee with a high waisted pair of shorts. A plaid shirt of any colour combined with black and chic pair of shades add the perfect finishing touch to this adorably comfortable look.

As it is both stylish and seasonally practical, this sexy look is perfect for the warmer days of summer.

With a dungaree

Reviving the dungaree fashion from the 90s is a major trip down the memory lane for most of us, as it holds a special place in our childhood wardrobe. You might feel like it is out of fashion but all that makes the difference is what you are pairing them with.

Dungarees are an alternative to the regular everyday skinny jeans we wear. Choose oversized dungarees or at least those with wide shorts or pants – super fitting ones are out of trend. Go for ripped and distressed denim, try two-toned denim, too. Style it all with heels for a sexy look or with boots or trainers and a statement earring. Voila, your look is done!

With a bomber jacket

Bomber jackets are a current must-have. They’re loose, comfortable, warm, and sexy. They’re extremely trendy and work well with almost any outfit no matter what it is. Also, they add intrigue and interest to any basic look.

Pair up a white tee with a tan bomber jacket and dark olive tapered pants. Finish off the look with a pair of white sneakers. Aviator glasses go well with this outfit. Different dark shades are a classic look. Mix a few colours to pull off a great style. You can also pair different shades of grey, black, and brown to find the perfect look.

Pair it with striped trousers and gladiators

Why striped pants? Because they give you a chick, slim and tall look according to the elements of design. Aesthetic is the new cool, and what could be more aesthetic than a striped pants outfit styled perfectly with the right shirt and accessories. There are variations in striped pants. Go for a thin evenly, vertically striped trousers. These pants can be used for both a casual outfit and a dressy one.

Pair a V-neck white tee with striped trousers and finish off the look with gladiators and a cheeky sunglass. Gladiator sandals, especially the tall ones, have hit an all-time trend. For your outfit, an ankle-length gladiator is more than enough as the trousers cover the legs.

With a long cardigan

Sometimes all a basic tee need is a bit of layering to spice it up. A jacket or cover-up can work wonders to add a bit of intrigue to an otherwise simple look. Match a chunky knitted cardigan with a T-shirt that fits more snugly. Just make sure that the fit of your jacket and shirt show off and complement your natural shape so that your body does not get lost in a sea of fabric.

Now pair it up with leggings or jeggings (any fitted trousers you are comfortable with) and now comes the main part of this outfit which makes it a fashion statement. Heeled, over-the-knee boots (it shouldn’t be block heels) are one of the biggest current fashion trends. Despite the trendiness of these boots, it is sometimes difficult to put together an outfit that pairs well with them.

However, this look will be perfectly balanced with a classy combo of high boots and a long pendant chain.

A classic white tee is a wardrobe staple that’s fun to play around with. Experiment to see how many different ways you can find to wear your classic white t-shirt. In fact, you just might love it so much that you’ll find yourself building your whole look around the simple white tee! You can enhance the given ideas with your creativity and have more fun.