How to turn a yellowed T-shirt white after repeated washing

How to turn a yellowed T-shirt white after repeated washing

I've been doing laundry many times, but before I knew it, the T-shirt turned yellow. 
Have you ever wondered, "Why are you washing properly?" I will show you how to wash such a T-shirt clean and white.

T-shirt that turned yellow. What is the cause?

The yellowing that can occur if you leave sweaty clothes without washing them. The cause is that the oil stains get in contact with the air and oxidize . If the T-shirt turns yellow even after washing it, it is because the sebum stains have not been completely removed by normal washing.

 When I noticed it was yellow! In that case, leave it in bleach.

If you apply a powder type oxygen bleach and wash it, you can remove the yellowing of the T-shirt at home. Above all, if you use "Wide Higher EX Power", you can strongly decompose yellowish stains that cannot be removed with detergent alone! It can also be used for color patterns, so you can use it with confidence even with a logo T-shirt..

* The powder type cannot be used for wool and silk.

1. Put lukewarm water in the washbasin, add a powder type oxygen bleach and dissolve it to the concentration

adding washing powder

2. Put the T-shirt and leave it for about 30 minutes
Do not soak for more than 2 hours as this may damage the fabric or discolor it.

Soak dress in to soap water

3. After rinsing well with water, wash as usual with other clothes
A white T-shirt that I want to wear a lot from now on. Let's check once if it has turned yellow. However, after several years, it is difficult to completely recover the yellowed one. Immediately, when you feel like it, apply powder type oxygen bleach and wash it.

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