How to style a basic white tee into flattering formal outfits?

How to style a basic white tee into flattering formal outfits?

Waking up every day and wanting to look good to work but can’t pull off a perfect formal attire? Worry no more, because there are several simple ways to pull off a remarkable look with the simple clothing that you own. It’s always good to look like a better-dressed version of you even if you like to keep it simple and casual. Because a good dressing style can grab everyone’s attention wherever you go.

When you think of work clothes, you may be instantly inclined to think of boring, formal outfits, but what you don’t realize is that these boring formal outfits can be easily turned into stylish elegant ones with minimum effort. A basic white tee is a wardrobe essential and it is something in which everyone is comfortable. There’s no use in investing in a variety of formal wear if you are not comfortable wearing them. So, if you are looking to achieve an effortlessly refined appearance, you can style your basic white tee into a formal wear without thinking twice.

So today we’ll be seeing few ways to achieve this refined appearance!

White T-shirt with a black leather pencil skirt

This is a very simple yet stylish outfit. Pair the white tee with a leather pencil skirt. This one is trendier, while equally as elegant for a young professional. It has all the elements of a suit, but with a leather skirt instead.

Pair this outfit with a black pointed heeled shoe or sandals. A high heel has the ability to make a woman feel empowered and confident. As a professional, feeling confident will drive your ambition and will be the key to your success in the company.

White T-shirt and solid olive-green culottes

In this outfit, we’ll pair the solid white tee with olive green culottes. This look is very much suited to wear on a Friday to work. This is more of a simple semi formal look. When we talk about pants of any kind, our mind automatically goes thinking of dark blue or standard colors. We overlook colors like olive green and don’t realize what we are missing out on.

Olive green pants are like your muted pants, except these are easier to style, versatile, and set you apart from others. Culottes are all practically the comfiest pants, so if you are already onboard with the idea, you should look with black court shoes.

Go Classic with White T-shirt and neutral tapered trousers with neutral belt

A simple white tee becomes a classic and elegant formal outfit when it’s paired with belted neutral trousers. This is an elegant outfit that will have you stand out in your workplace. This look is both classy and professional. The beige matching belt is what gives it the urbane look. The neutral colors compliment the white focal point of the outfit. Finish this look with a pair of black slingbacks and you are good to go.

White T-shirt and Plaid knee length pencil skirt

In this outfit, let’s pair the white tee with plaid skirt. The length and fit of the skirt are what makes this outfit very professional. Complete the look with nude pumps.

There’s honestly nothing classier than a shiny, pointy, nude pump. Although some may consider them too dressy for the office, it’s honestly the element in the look that helps elevate the ensemble as a whole. Paired with high heels, this look is absolutely a killer and will definitely have others notice your poise and sophistication at the office. Never doubt the power of a good heel.

White T-shirt and solid paper bag trousers

Paper bag pants are more versatile than you might think. Tuck in a white solid tee with a pair of paper bag trousers of any color. This is an easy outfit because it is foolproof and never fails you on the days when you simply don’t know what to reach for. They’re cute, sassy and add a bit of flare to an ordinary outfit.  If anything can make us ditch our denim, it's these pants. The elastic waistband and comfortable fabric make them very comfy and a polished enough look to wear it to the office.

Paper bag waist is just as flattering as your curve-hugging pixies. Pair it with a golden long layer necklace and beige court shoes or mules.

White T-shirt with a solid black blazer

The white tee and blazer combo are so easy to put together and always looks great with a solid bottom which can be a skirt or a pant and a pair of heels. A classic black and white contrast is always appropriate for work.

Black in the corporate world is one of the most common colors seen on professionals. It’s important to have structured blazer on top. Since most of the outfit is black, it appears very professional. A black blazer look can’t go better with anything other than black court shoes.

White T-shirt with white blazer

A white blazer is a must for all ages. It screams elegance and implies that you mean business. If you want a unique stylish outfit then make it a point to capitalize on a timeless white blazer. It’s elegant, discreet and has a certain charm there.

You can never go wrong with wearing a classic corporate look. Wear nude pumps to complete the look.

White T-shirt with a pastel suit

There’s no formal outfit more captivating than an elegant solid suit. Both classic and completely on trend, suit is a workwear staple for your closet. Add on the white tee with a pastel suit. Tuck it in and gather the sleeves and voila! You are all set to slay. Throw on a pair of black or tan loafers depending on the pastel shade to complete the look.

It’s an unexpected twist on the classic suit look that’ll have everyone noticing your unique style and professional appearance.

White T-shirt and blazer dress

If you are a creative person, this is the perfect outfit for you. It’s important to choose a deep neck blazer dress for this outfit. Wear the white tee under a double-breasted blazer dress of a bright hue and buckle it up with a belt. Complete this stylish look by putting on platform sandals.

This is such a classy look which can instantly light you up in the crowd. This is a very flattering outfit when worn with the perfect shoes.