Hacks to dry T-Shirts in Winter

Hacks to dry T-Shirts in Winter

The severity of winter differs from region to region. It is a cherishing weather for some people. But it is intolerable for few people depending on the location they are living. Whatever the season may be, one should always maintain hygiene by not having dampness and mold growth over the garments which will prevent the incidence of skin diseases. As T-Shirts are the most commonly used outfit, one should know how to maintain the T-Shirts clean and hygienic which is mainly achieved by drying it properly.

Drying T-Shirts will not be a hassle when we follow the right way of drying them. Here is a list of various hacks applicable in order to dry the T-Shirts.

Keep an eye on the Sunny days

As we all know, Sun is the primary source of energy for the earth which warms the earth. The solar energy coming from the sun will be spread over a larger area on earth if the sun is low on the horizon. It also takes much time to reach the surface of the earth during winter causing dissipation of energy to the atmosphere before reaching the earth. So, in winter, it is more difficult for the sun to modify the air mass since the sun angle is low and days are short.

The duration of day too is shorter in winter. So basically, drying up our clothes will be challenging in winter. The humidity level also plays an important role in lengthening the drying time. So, we should be clever enough to make use of the sun at the right time to dry the T-Shirts.

Install the right airer

Airer is the most important one used to spread the clothes while drying them. Always, keep in mind that the airer is spaced adequately. During winter we need to have double the surface area of conventional drying racks. By this we will be able to spread the T-Shirt across two or more bars instead of just one, which will make better airflow over the garments. If the room size is less horizontally, vertical airers can be used. The right kind of airer should be chosen that creates.

Ventilation Ventilation!

Besides erecting the right airer, the location where the airer is erected is very important. It is possible to get a formation of ice crystals or dew drops on the tees when they are hung outside to dry during winter. So, it is better going for options to dry it indoors. The room should have good ventilation. Ventilation is the main thing that gives the freshness to your garments. It is better to have at least two windows of sufficient size and they should be opposite to each other. Only then by keeping the windows open, good air circulation can be achieved. To get more effect, place a pedestal fan near the airer and ensure that air is constantly flowing through your clothes. Because, we all know wind is also an important element to dry the clothes effectively. Try your level best so that the room's humidity is kept to a minimum which will prevent mugginess and fungal growth.

Have a separate drying room

If a separate room is allotted for drying clothes only, the effort taken to erect the airer and setting up the environment required like ventilation in the room can be reduced. The set up can be kept always ready which need not get disturbed every time we need to dry the clothes. But my suggestion would be to go for a ventilated space no matter whether it is a separate room or not.

Use the hangers cleverly

Hangers are needed to put your T-Shirts on the airer. The spacing among the hangers should be left properly such that air flows well and dry the T-Shirts. Only when hangers are used, optimal usage of airer can be achieved. It also makes the arrangements for drying look neat. It should not appear cluttered and messy such that aesthetic of the room is not disturbed.

Remove Dampness evenly.

While drying the tees by laying them on something instead of hanging them in hangers, at equal interval of time turn the T-Shirts and lay them so that all the sides are exposed to the airflow or the sunlight depending on to which it is exposed. Only then the all the damp areas will get dried evenly. Always, remember by having a timer or anything that is convenient for you to turn your tees on time to have complete even dryness.

If you are in a hurry to go out and your tee is slightly wet, the quickest hack to dry it up is to press it with an iron for 2 –3 mins.